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Old 2000er here popping back in to say hello one last time.

Posted by DudeZilla - January 8th, 2011

I'm an old as fuck user here and I haven't uploaded shit in a long time.

First off, let me just put to rest some things that you may be confused about if you see my movies, and I'll put them in a list here first, then explain them one by one:

-"Bowser's Annihilation" 1 and 2 are both gone from the portal
-The whole "Strawberry Clock" thing
-Who I REALLY am

Bowser's Annihilation

Ok, now to explain the first one. Back in 2000/2001 when I first did both parts of "Bowser's Annihilation", I uploaded them offsite to conserve NG's bandwidth. In the long run this was a big mistake: For one day I logged into my web host Angelfire after they went under a vast redesign, and it automatically wiped all of my flash movies, and I did not have backups of them. You can partially thank Angelfire for fucking the movies. They are no more. If I could remove the submissions from the portal I would, but I can't. If I could bring them back, I would. I loved making them and having people enjoy them, even if they did suck.

The Whole "Strawberry Clock" Thing

Now, the Strawberry Clock thing. I was just a young boy pissed off at a bunch of people. Mainly because one sentence movies were getting a higher rating than the stuff I was doing, and my stuff was getting blammed from the portal, which made me really angry. When I saw the trend grow and even evolve more, I became even more angry. That is when I released "Strawberry Clock's Fucks". But I just want to say to this day that I no longer have any harsh feelings against any members of the Clock Crew, or Strawberry Clock himself. Those days are long over. I was actually quite mellowed when I saw Clock Crew members putting out decent content.

Who I Really Am

And finally, to whom I really am. From Jon Leno.com to The Cool 2000...boy those are really crazy memories.

I was trolled so much on the BBS and on the portal, that sometime in 2001, I decided to ditch this account, create a new one, and assume a completely new identity on Newgrounds. In the long run, it was the right choice, because not only did the trolling and hatred toward me stop as I had wanted, but this opportunity gave me the ability to act like my true self, and my true self is that I am not an asshole, I do not want to promote hatred, and I just want everyone to get along. It didn't really start out this way of course, but I was more in control at my new beginning. You could say this is where my life really started to begin, and where I discovered more of myself and who I really was, and I was evolving from an angry teenager to a young adult in control. I still use that other account I made in 2001 to this very day.

I have revealed who I am to several people already, and even openly so on the BBS under my other account quite a long time ago, because I felt it was time to fess up. As it turns out, people weren't very offended or shocked. They really didn't even care, it turns out. So I won't bother with putting it out there again. We'll just leave it at that, because this is the way I believe it should be, and I feel that things should stay in the past where they belong.

So yes, I'm still here on Newgrounds. In fact, I log in at least daily. I'm still making stuff, and I'm very much part of the community at the moment. In fact, in the past couple of months, I put out a submission that actually got a pretty decent rating (More than 3.50). I'm sorry that I won't be giving away who I am, or where you can find my now new work. But I just don't really care to connect my past with my present now. I feel like it would be a mistake. But just maybe and hopefully you are running into me and liking my new work. Who knows? I could of been the last submission you watched (unless it was hentai).

Finally, let's say our goodbyes. This will be my first and only news post, and the last thing I will ever do with this account. I do not wish for this account to be deleted, locked, or anything of that nature, because I will come back here from time to time and look at my old stuff, and I'm pretty sure some people will too, especially my anti-clock movies. As much as I am not against the Clocks now, what I created is a part of the portal history now, and I believe erasing it would be a violation.

So, this is Dudezilla, signing off for good. As I close this chapter in my life, I bid you all farewell, and wish you all good luck in whatever you may do, just as long as whatever you do is with good intentions. Even if it is to win the hearts of people with a one-sentence movie.

Old 2000er here popping back in to say hello one last time.

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So, what is your "new" accounts username?